A Real 1950s Meal Plan for December

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December! Anyone else love early darkness that drives people home to sit by their fires and spend time with their family? Just me? Ok, then.

Seriously, tho, I love December. I love preparing for the holidays, and snow, and baking, and Christmas decorations, and songs, and books . . .

I am one of those super annoying people who spends all December singing “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” while washing dishes. And wearing a Santa hat.

But! Don’t let that stop you from checking out the menus! They are full of hot warm comfort food goodness. MMMMMMM.

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A month of vintage comfort food meals for my 1950s December family menus!

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Here are the December 1959 Women’s Day dinners. I think we can all appreciate some money-saving menus for December! But all the special holiday menus I’m using are below.

Good Eating on a Budget: 31 money-saving menus for December. Meal plan from Woman's Day Magazine, 1959.


This isn’t from December 1959, but I genuinely adore soup-and-sandwich lunches, so I am using it this month! (Thanks to Tania!)

I started today with Chicken Gumbo, banana fritters, and milk. At the end of the month, I will tack the first week on and use it in a rotation.


Breakfasts this month will be simple. Eggs, bacon, toast, porridge, fruit. Easy enough that I don’t have to think about it!

Honestly, the best thing about my monthly menus are what my 1959 Woman’s Day magazine says up there:

It takes time to plan meals that are nutritious and interesting and economical too. But time is the thing most people have least of in December. That’s why we like to think of this month’s meals as your very first Christmas gift and a combination gift at that: extra time during the very days when you need it most and, along with it, peace of mind because your family is being well fed.
Women’s Day Magazine, December 1959

Christmas Meals

For my Christmas meals, I be following a different plan! This one comes from a Good Housekeeping magazine, and includes 3 days of meals — with recipes!

That’s my monthly 1950s meal plan for December! Happy Holidays!

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