A Very Vintage December: Day 9

A Very Vintage December with the Mid-Century Modern Mommy

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It was lovely to spend Sunday quietly! Now I am back and ready to go with another day of vintage housekeeping, crafts, and cooking! Let’s get this week started with Very Vintage December, Day 9!

Housekeeping: 1950s Mom Meets the Very Vintage December

The Very Vintage December 1950s Mom: Woman of the Year from Betty Crocker!

So after a week of tweaking, I think I’ve got my 1950s Mom Daily Schedule lined up with the Very Vintage December to-do list. Instead of napping, I am putting the preschoolers down for their nap and then crafting from 1-4. My older children are getting the afternoon snack, which has been switched to cookies and hot cocoa for this month.

With only 3 hours of crafting time, I am having to be very disciplined and organized. I can squeeze in a little finishing time in the evening when the teenagers are watching Star Trek with their father! But mostly, I need to work fast and get it done. (I’m also getting up early to write the Very Vintage December posts. We’ll see if I can manage that through the rest of the month!) With any luck, this schedule will keep the house clean and everyone happy and well-fed!

Anyway, today was laundry day and, lucky me, my washing machine broke. It won’t fill. Fortunately, I have vintage housekeeping books. Upon turning to my America’s Housekeeping Book, I was reminded that vintage washing machines were also manual-fill. It also had a wash-day routine that I could adapt a little and use. So, I am still getting my laundry done, thank goodness! This is not the season to be unable to do laundry! Holidays, sickrooms, and new babies, oh my!

Betty Crocker’s Holiday Almanac: Appetizer Puffs and

Well, the 1959 recommendation for today involves using Betty Crocker’s Cream Puff Mix to make Appetizer Puffs. I have never in my life made cream puffs from a mix. At the risk of sounding snobby, I learned that it takes less than 15 MINUTES to make real cream puff pastry. And the only savory “appetizer” puffs I learned to make were gougeres, aka little cheese bites. So, I made those while I prepped dinner.

They were a hit! I remembered to take a couple of pictures! And, my husband was really happy to have a pre-dinner nibble. I think he would be really thrilled if I managed an appetizer and cocktail for him before dinner in the evenings.

The other activity that the 1959 Holiday Almanac recommended for today was checking over the ornaments and lights. I did find time to do that, and I can rest assured that when I get the tree decorations out, everything will be in working order.

1950s Betty Crocker's 31 Busy Days of December Countdown for a Very Vintage December, from General Mills

The Christmas Countdown, on the other hand, suggested making a frosted and decorated angel food cake for a neighbor. I happen to really like angel food cake, so I made a couple. ( I forgot about pictures, though, since I made them while I made dessert in the morning!)

The 1950s Christmas Project-of-the-Day: Putz Houses

So, I made Putz houses. I even took pictures so I could make a tutorial. And I planned to put one here. But, my computer hates me, the pictures are not uploading, and I am too tired to set it straight today! I will update when I can put in the pictures.

I would just like to note, these are not real Putz houses. These are my minimalist-Putz-Houses-for-busy-1950s-moms. And I still need to make a church. But, yesterday, I managed 6 little houses to set on my sideboard. I also found at least 3 other versions that I’d like to make (MUCH nicer than mine!), so I will work on them slowly. Maybe I will even finish one by Christmas!

Anyway, if you would like to look at some real Putz houses and patterns, here are some to check out:

Retro Renovations Fabulous Mid-Century Style Putz House Tutorials

These are the go-to now for mid-century modern enthusiasts. I’m working on them. Slowly. Maybe I will have some down by next Christmas.

Vintage Glitterhouse Ornaments

So pretty!

Putz Houses for All Seasons

Halloween Putz houses, simple Putz houses, not-at-all simple Putz houses . . . houses for everybody!

A Very Vintage December with the Mid-Century Modern Mommy

And that’s it for today! See you all tomorrow!

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