Mid-Century May: Day 7

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Today is bedrooms-and-bathrooms day!

I have to do a serious cleaning of the bathrooms every day. 10 of us using 1 bathroom is . . . a lot. I am so glad that I found the vintage cleaning routines. Every day I follow the routines and my bathroom never gets out of hand. I don’t know how I’d do it, otherwise.

My biggest struggle with cleaning schedules was that they were designed for homes where people were simply not there most of the day. I just have too many people around ALL THE TIME. I have to tidy multiple times a day. When I use vintage routines, I have a much easier time keeping up with everything.

We were supposed to have pan-fried smelts for dinner, according to the menu. Since no one has been smelt fishing lately, we had tuna casserole. I’m planning my birthday dinner, which will also be Mother’s Day. I’m thinking Sunshine Salad and an icebox cake or trifle . . .

Thank you for sharing us with your friends!