1950s Chocolate-Covered Cherries: Very Vintage December Day 2

Making a 1950s holiday candy from scratch in a modern kitchen.

I don’t really like convenience foods. I like cooking from scratch.

I also like reverse-engineering foods. I mean, I started reading Cook’s Illustrated magazine 20 years ago!

I’m sure you see where this is going. I LIKE reverse-engineering vintage convenience foods, and making my own from-scratch or convenient versions. And I’ve had a lot of success with it! This time however . . .

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Very Vintage December Day 2: Chocolate-Covered Cherries

I’m a good cook. I make my own sauces and bread. I can make pickles, cheese, and wine, for crying out loud! And yet, these chocolate covered cherries were not a success!

Just make some fudge from a mix! Add candied cherries! You’re done! Yeah right.

So first of all, I cannot get Betty Crocker Fudge Frosting mix with instructions for making fudge. Fine, so I’ll make my vintage Betty Crocker prize-winning 1950s fudge frosting instead.

It is one of my favorite frostings, so I’ve made it several times. All was well.

Attempt #1: fudge-crete

Lesson 1: Don’t drop candied cherries into fudge frosting. Y’all, this thing is solid. No one can eat this. I almost couldn’t get my beater out of this! Fail!

Attempt #2: chocolate-covered cherries

So, naturally, I made another batch! And instead of beating it after it cooled, I poured it over the cherries. On wax paper, naturally, my favorite vintage cooking tool. Above, you can see that they came out much better. Like edible.

And for comparison, I left a lump of the other ones in the picture. See?

In conclusion, when practicing your Very Vintage December skills, don’t do what I did. Please.

So much for 1950s chocolate-covered cherries!

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