Mid-Century May: Day 4

It’s Monday! That means laundry day today.

It’s hot here now. We were frost-free about a month earlier than normal. Ordinarily, we’d still be expecting a frost. Not this year. And it’s hot and dry enough that my laundry is done in half the time that it usually takes! I’m expecting a long, hot summer.

My husband hasn’t repaired the washing machine yet, so my laundry closely resembles vintage laundry — I have to manually fill the washer, then let it agitate and spin, then hang out the clothes. Fortunately, that just what the washing machines in my ’40s housekeeping book do — so I already have a method!

My husband already has our vegetable garden going strong. We are eating salads every day and harvesting rhubarb. I love rhubarb. So far, I haven’t done any canning — we are all just enjoying rhubarb at least once a day.

Tonight we are having Beef Goulash — or at least the 1940s version! I honestly love using vintage recipes!