A Very Vintage December: a Merry Christmas to You, & a Happy New Year!

A Very Vintage December with the Mid-Century Modern Mommy

Well, I haven’t updated this project in a week! I didn’t have even a Mid-Century Menu Monday post this week. I didn’t do anything all week! (I lie — I did do the cooking and cleaning. And the homeschooling. Just no Christmas projects.) My midwife told me to take some time off, so I took the whole week (sort of). Tomorrow, the Winter Solstice, begins our family’s Christmas Holidays AND my lying-in, so I decided to post one final Very Vintage December update to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


This week, I got the final pre-holiday-and-baby cleaning of the whole house done. The house is sparking clean for the tree decorating party tomorrow! And my children finished out their lessons for this year. In January, we will start fresh. As part of my New Year’s Goal Planning, I filled out new quarterly checklists that they will use to complete their lessons. I also finished prepping for the baby. Everything is ready. Sometime in the next 3 weeks, we will welcome our new baby!

Christmas Holiday

We celebrate the Winter Solstice, Christmas Eve, the 12 Days of Christmas, and 3 King’s Day. Mostly, it’s about food — we eat a traditional New Mexican feast for our tree-trimming party on the Solstice, a 1940s California Spaghetti Dinner on Christmas Eve (my father’s birthday was Christmas Eve), a daily zakuska of cured meats, cheeses, peculiar fishy treats, olives and pickles, etc. for the 12 Days of Christmas, and 1950s buffet menus on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. We also have a party on 3 King’s Day, but I haven’t planned that one yet! My kids are trying to convince me that we need a fried cakes party to celebrate the commencement of the pre-Lenten season. We’ll see.

Vintage Decorating

I found a ton of 1940s and 50s books on decorating and cooking for Christmas and New Year’s. Even though I can’t get any of them done myself now, I had the kids make crepe paper chains, felt ornaments and put up some fresh greenery. My teenage daughter and I are also working on traditional cooked fudge, opera creams, pulled mints, caramels, and bonbons. And I baked sugar cookies and gingerbread men for the littles to decorate.

New Year, New Baby!

I will be having this baby sometime in the next three weeks. I plan to begin blogging again in January, after the holidays and the baby’s arrival. Currently, I plan to write about some vintage DIY and 1950s housewife life for moms of newborns. I will also be adding in my Mid-Century Menu Monday posts again. If there is a particular vintage lifestyles topic you’d like me to tackle, let me know in the comments, or drop me a line. I’ll see you all after the New Year! Merry Christmas, and Happy Roaring 2020s, everyone!

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  1. Hi,

    I am new to your blog and found it through the Robinson Curriculum facebook page. Do you still have plans to include your writing cheat sheets for homeschooling in your freebies section? I saw a comment in a post on the RC facebook page where you mentioned that. I would really love and appreciate those! 🙂

    1. Yes, I am planning to add an old-fashioned education resource library with some of my homeschool resources! Hopefully that will be up early next year; it’s taking a long time to get them formatted so that they make sense!

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