A Very Vintage December: Day 3

A Very Vintage December with the Mid-Century Modern Mommy

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Another day of holiday madness! How is your December going? I am actually really enjoying the craziness. It seems fitting to start a whole New Year with a new baby. And I am loving the changes that these 1950s experiments work in my life. Anyway, onto a Very Vintage December, Day 3 — today’s to-do list is:

Complete My 1950s Daily Cleaning Routine

Yes, I am following my cleaning routine. Today is ironing, which is also an excuse to look over everyone’s holiday party and picture wardrobe. I have some mending to do, now.

This Daily Cleaning Routine helps me keep the house clean enough for anyone to drop by. That’s my main goal for this cleaning routine — I want to be able to be hospitable to anyone this holiday season, no matter what. To that end, I am also making a couple of cheese balls to keep in the fridge to offer unexpected guests. I am keeping some club crackers on hand, too. And coffee and hot tea. (The vintage ads tell me I need 7-Up and Coca-Cola, too, but I never have sodas on hand. I don’t know . . .)

Mail Out-of-Town Gifts Early

I have a sister who lives overseas with her husband and son, and it is a PAIN to remember to get them their gifts on time. Honestly, they probably still won’t get them on time. But I tried! Their gifts are on the way! I didn’t make them goodies, though . . .

Bake a Pan of Peppermint Brownies for the Postman or Milkman

1950s Betty Crocker's 31 Busy Days of December Countdown for a Very Vintage December, from General Mills

Because I made goodies for us! Seriously, though, I did make peppermint brownies for our electric co-op, local postmaster and rural route driver, and local bank tellers. I also made brownies for the local health clinic. And, of course, for my family. I did not use Betty Crocker’s Brownie Mix, though. I made one-bowl brownies. Also, I didn’t use a recipe. I’ve made brownies so many times that I just work from memory. But I did sprinkle them with crushed candy canes to make them festive!

Make Paper Snowflakes

So after the not-making-dangerous-hot-wax-stained-glass project, I moved on to paper snowflakes. My kids took to the fold-and-cut project quite gleefully, and I had to sweep up about a bushel of paper snippings. Now, all of my windows are covered with the best snowflakes. Many others are adorning my walls.

A Very Vintage December with the Mid-Century Modern Mommy

And there is day 3 of the Very Vintage December! What are YOU doing today?

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