Plans for August and the Future of the 1950s Pregnant Housewife Experiment

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So, my two weeks are up! With no daily updates (sorry, ladies), but an unbroken chain of cleaning my house to a 1950s standard. So, there’s that. Also, some really great meals. And dessert. Dessert makes me happy. With that in mind, what are my conclusions? And what are my plans for August, before we start school in September?

How It Went

Honestly? It was difficult. It was really difficult trying to slide into a complete routine, especially because my pregnancy feels like a chronic illness. I have to rest every 10 minutes while I clean. I have to rest after chasing the toddler. I have to rest ALL THE TIME.

So, the whole two weeks, everything took a lot longer than I wanted it to, which led to not as many naps as I really needed. And a lot of early bedtimes. I love having a clean house, and I love the food, but I need a lot of time to accomplish that.

On the other hand, the routine, when I follow it closely enough, is a complete success. All of the implementation problems appear to be the result of not obsessing over the “if-thens” enough. I need more solutions and routines written down, so I have a plan for when the stressful times hit.

Ready to study!

What’s Next

Starting next Monday, I have 4 weeks exactly until we start school for the year. The month of August is all about school planning for me. Since the baby is due at the end of the year, I need to have the year planned, in case there is a problem.

Also, I want to work on a better weekly cleaning plan. I got all the daily cleaning done with my new favorite routine, but I had a hard time doing all the weekly chores and the laundry without feeling frustrated. So, I have four weeks to write out my complete vintage cleaning routine and implement it.

Finally, there are the meals. I need a breakfast plan. I DO NOT want to think about making breakfast when I get up. I need a plan that doesn’t require thinking. I need time for a vintage maternity breakfast for me, and a daily walk. I need breakfast for my DH. I need breakfast for 3 littles. And I need breakfast for 4 schoolkids. So, I need a better plan. Also, I need a mise-en-place plan for breakfast and lunch, so that I know what to prep in advance.

Plans for August

So, my plans for August include improving my vintage routine to be more vintage, setting up vintage schedules for my kids to follow during the school year, complete with good grooming and bedroom chores, planning all vintage meals, planning a curriculum (mostly) based on vintage books, and then DOING it all. While still pregnant. Stay tuned!

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