The 1950s Pregnant Housewife Experiment: Day 1

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1950s Pregnant Housewife Experiment: Day 1

Well, Monday was day 1 of the 1950s Pregnant Housewife Experiment. You might remember that I am trying to do all 48 things on this list every day for the next two weeks. Yesterday was the first day. So, how did it go?

First of all, I woke up late with a headache. For the 6th day. In a row. I HATE headaches. I can’t think and then I waste a TON of time trying to think about what I should be doing. Having the written list helped a lot; I didn’t have to stop and think about what came next — I could just go look at my list. Also, I printed out my two-week lunch and dinner menu, and that helped too. No thinking with a headache = WIN!

So, waking up late, I started the day running behind. But! I still did all the morning work done by lunchtime, made dessert and lunch, and then cleaned the kitchen after lunch. I did NOT get my nap, though. Or my sewing time. For some reason, even though I was caught up at lunch, I fell further behind all afternoon. Dinner was only 15 minutes later than I had planned, though. And everyone loved it and loved dessert, which I don’t usually make. The Swiss steak menu was delicious. I subbed in Brussels sprouts for the beet greens, and sliced cucumbers for sliced tomatoes, since that was what I had on hand. I will probably try the same menu the next time I make liver and onions.

The after-dinner routine was a mess! I can get the kitchen clean (my teenage daughter helps) but I cannot also get the little children bathed, read to, and into bed on time. Part of the reason is because I don’t have a good system — but part of it is that the bedrooms are still 88 degrees at 7:30, the sky is still light, and we have no air-conditioning. Sooooo . . . the evening routine needs to be tweaked until the school-year starts. Sweaty babies don’t sleep well.

Verdict: Success

Overall, it was a success. I didn’t do everything on the list perfectly. On the other hand, 48 things complete is a win! Also, I remembered an apron in the kitchen for another win. And all the housekeeping done by the day’s end = win! Oh, and no thinking with a headache = ABSOLUTE WIN! So, that is 5 wins for the day, because everyone liked my vintage menus, also.

I plan to redo the evening routines for the rest of the summer. I also need to make a two-week breakfast-for-children plan. And I want to sew something pretty!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s 1950s Pregnant Housewife Experiment update!

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