Mid-Century May: Day 9

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Saturday is a family-time-and-baking day. And tomorrow is Mother’s Day and my birthday!

Anyway, I made an icebox cake for my birthday. And I looked at vintage patterns — again — over on The Ugly Dame. I love those patterns! One of these days, I will get my hands on some of those vintage Lutterloh books, and I will do a series about them on the blog.

I also got a 1940s baby layette pattern in the mail — my birthday present to myself. It has kimono, dress, sacque, and sleeping bag patterns, plus a few others. I really want to start dressing my little ones in more vintage outfits. I also found a vintage playsuit pattern on Pinterest to try for my preschool boys. It is almost summer — some days are already feeling like summer.

Dinner tonight was baked pork chops with creamy mushroom sauce. I pretty much just made it up, but the techniques I used tend to be very mid-century. Tonight is movie night, with popcorn. One of these days, I’m going to make EVERYONE watch Perry Mason with me . . .