The Top 7 Retro Halloween Decorations For A ’50s Housewife Party

I honestly love Amazon! One of my favorite things is the reproduction vintage decorations they offer. I just could not get those if it wasn’t for Amazon. And since my vintage heart loves decorating for the holidays, I am sharing my top 7 retro Halloween decorations.

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1. Beistle Paper Decorations

Basically, anything by Beistle, guys. It’s all that good. I make myself choose 3 different ones every year — AND NO MORE — because otherwise I would bankrupt myself. Seriously.

2. Gurley Candles

These are pretty much not findable on Amazon, but they ARE at eBay! (AND sometimes at Vermont Country Store.) And I love them! If you’ve never seen them, these cute Halloween candles will melt your heart (see what I did there?)!

3. Vintage Black Cats

I LOVE BLACK CATS. OK, I said it. And I do love black cats. I may or may not be guilty of collecting adorable vintage Halloween black cat decor and leaving it out year-round. Because cats.

Some of my favorites are this black cat throw pillow, this retro candy dish, and these party plates (which also come as cute pumpkins!)

4. Vintage Tin Signs

OK, so I am a sucker for vintage tin signs. It’s as bad as my addictions to vintage holiday paper decor and vintage glassware. Fortunately, reproduction signs from vintage ephemera like postcards and illustrations are everywhere. I have to limit myself with these, too, but I do love them all.

5. Bethany Lowe Decorations

These decorations are fabulous. And very retro. I always try to pick up a new one at each holiday. I love her bubble lights! (50s housewives love collections!)

6. Vintage Crepe Paper Decorations

OK, so these aren’t really available, per se. But I do like to get a lot of vintage-style honeycomb decorations, and a lot of crepe paper, and then make the vintage decorations, like you see in the Dennison’s Bogie Book. Honestly, a top 7 retro halloween decorations list wouldn’t be complete without a lot of crepe paper and honeycomb!

I am also going to try crepe paper costumes for the kids and myself this year. Also from Dennison’s.

7. The Betty Crocker Party Book

You knew that this post wouldn’t be complete without a vintage party book! And as a 50s housewife, I love a good party book! I recommend looking for either the Betty Crocker Party Book, or Betty Crocker’s Parties for Children, or both! If you can’t find them on Amazon, eBay usually has both the Party Book and Parties for Children available.

Happy Vintage Halloween!

Anyway, that’s my roundup for anyone interested in having some mid-century fun with their Halloween! As you saw on my October menu plan, we have a little party every year at home, with lots of treats. And as a ’50s housewife, I really love parties –even when it is just for my kids. Even in the 1950s, a lot of Halloween decorations were the paper, single-use kind. So having all the repro decor is a lot of fun.

I know a lot of people choose not to celebrate Halloween, but this is just what my family does. What does yours do?