Are You Looking for Help with Your Homemaking?

Homemaking is a making a home — a profession which requires knowledge, skills, and abilities that must be learned to be successful.  It is a profession that changes you and changes your life, and especially in the beginning, it can be overwhelming. (Even though you may have done some of the same things before!)

If you are feeling overwhelmed, let me tell you: most moms feel just like you, but put on fronts so other moms don’t know that there’s a struggle. Nobody’s perfect. But everyone can learn. And being in control looks like having a plan for your days, establishing boundaries, and prioritizing REAL self-care.

My homemaking coaching is the result of my understanding, as an experienced wife, housewife, and homeschooling mother of 8, of the need and desire many newer mothers have for understanding how to fit together all the pieces of housekeeping, homeschooling, child-training, self-care, marriage relationship, hospitality — in short, all the moving parts that go into making a home. 

Not only do these young mothers want to learn how to eliminate clutter and “get organized,” but they also want to learn (among other things) how to establish practical cleaning schedules, manage their food budgets wisely, cook decent meals and teach their children to do chores.  In short, what they seek is satisfaction through mastery in the homemaker’s art — to be a quintessential ’50s housewife.

In my coaching, I draw upon nearly two decades of experience as a full-time homemaker, wife, and mother and nearly 10 years as a researcher to find old-fashioned methods and advice, which I synthesize with the best modern-day methods and advice in planning, organizing, cleaning, homeschooling, and health and wellness. I specialize in finding solutions for all kinds of homemaking problems — and doing so without wasting resources or spending excessively.

If you want to get right to the bottom of an issue you’re struggling with and need some quick help, why not sign up for…

One-On-One Homemaking Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions are 1 hour, and best suited for helping you address one problem in detail so that you can leave the session with some clear ideas, strategies, and suggestions you can go IMPLEMENT immediately.

If you are looking for long-term help, I offer weekly and bi-weekly coaching calls for 6 or 12 week sessions.

What Can You Help Me With In A Coaching Session?

A coaching session is a place where no time is wasted. We get to the point, the heart of a matter. I will listen to what is on your heart and mind, and then help you discover the solution you are searching for.

It’s invaluable to have the understanding and support of someone else who has been there, as you work toward your OWN ’50 housewife and homemaking ideal. I’ve dealt with everything from critically, chronically ill children in the hospital, to severe marriage stress, to overcoming depression in homemaking, and teaching neurodiverse children at home.

What Does One-On-One Coaching Cost? How Do I Book A Session With You?