50s Housewife Printable Cleaning Routines by Mid-Century Modern Mommy



Are you lost when it comes to cleaning?

For the longest time, I didn’t know how to clean. I was one of those housewives who would come out on the porch to talk to unexpected visitors rather than let anyone see my house. 

Words cannot tell what a LIFESAVER it was when I discovered these cleaning routines! They are exactly what 50s housewives used to keep their homes in order and company-ready at all times! The best part? Once you start using them every day, they don’t take much more than an hour or 2 a day to keep your home orderly and humming along!

These vintage cleaning routines have been turned into pretty minimalist checklists, which can be printed and bound into a cleaning binder, or laminated and used over and over again!

This is now available as part of the Mid-Century Modern Mommy Cleaning Planner, along with a year of complete weekly checklists covering every part of vintage housekeeping..


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