Mid-Century May: Day 5

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Tuesday. Today I tackled ironing.

I don’t actually have very much that needs ironing. I iron my husband’s good shirts, but not the ones he wears while working. When I finish my new cotton housedresses, they’ll need ironing. I am also trying to get all of my kids to wear more wovens, and fewer knits for a more vintage look. Wovens usually need ironing.

Anyway, ironing. I actually like ironing. There’s something satisfying about it — almost as satisfying as washing the dishes. I want a new ironing board — but I’m settling for a new cover. I inherited mine, and it’s one of those shaky metal ones.

I love using vintage tools and equipment. I like the heft and quality construction. (I’m sure there were shoddy things — but they’ve all broken already, so you can’t find them!)

Today’s dinner called for veal, but I subbed in beef. And I got radishes and green onions from the garden for a salad. My husband is making a flower garden for me, so that later this year, I can have cutting flowers!

I love May!